BWWC 2023

Ensuring uninterrupted and safe water management services (centralized water supply and wastewater disposal and treatment) is critical to public health and safety, as well as environmental protection worldwide. The moste important people in the cities are specialists in the water management sector. The cities cannot survive for more than 3 days without these specialists. Therefore, every representative and interested party of the water management sector must follow changes and challenges in the sector, innovations and possible solutions. Especially in today’s hectic life! We invite every member of society to appreciate the importance of drinking water and the sewage system in our everyday life. There is no life without water.

On May 17-19, the Baltic Water Works Conference 2023 took place in Jurmala. Latvia Water and Wastewater Works Association (LWWWWA) in cooperation with The Estonian Waterworks Association (EVEL) and the Lithuanian Association of Water Suppliers (LVTA) gathered more than 200 participants from water management companies of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Finland, and Denmark. The aim of the BWWC 2023 was to learn about the current events and good practices in the sector, as well as to promote cooperation in solving problems.

The conference was opened by the Jurmala city mayor Rita Sproģe, the CEO of  the LWWWWA Sandis Dejus, the president of the LVTA Bronius Miežutavičius, and the president of the EVEL Andres Aruhein, as well as the representative of the Association of the Ukrainain Vodokanals Yurii Zherlitsyn.

After the opening ceremony, the 1st part of the conference “Sewage sludge management” begun.

The 2nd part of the conference was dedicated to continuity of water management services in emergencies.

At the end of the conference, the audience was introduced to the industry news.

In addition, throughout the day, conference participants had the opportunity to explore industry news at a special conference partner exhibition. 

Gold partners: Evopipes, Alwark, KRÜGER-Veolia Water Technologies.

Silver partners: AVK International, Kamstrup, Juro-Clean AB.

Bronze partners: SnapTest.LV, Mativesi, Georg Fischer AB, Esri, Alfa Laval filialas, Lokaator, Trimble Solutions, Innovative Water Systems OU, LTD Latvijas filiāle, Wawatech Wastewater Technology, VTA Austria GmBH, NX Filtration, Waterson un Diehl Metering.

Photo: Ilva Skreba.
From left: Sandis Dejus (LWWWWA CEO), Bronius Miežutavičius (LVTA president), Raili Kärmas (EVEL CEO), Vaidotas Ramonas (LVTA CEO), Guntars Dambenieks (LWWWWA president).

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